The Canonbury Consultancy

Founded in 1991 with a mission to provide consultancy services to small and medium sized companies that need to use information and communication technology to achieve real benefits in work management, accountability and service delivery.

Flexible Information Management

Working closely with our clients at all levels of the organisation Canonbury produce bespoke systems specifically designed to make day-to-day information management tasks more efficient. Through careful data structure design and targeting of business operations; the context of the data is maintained. Accurate and reliable information is readily available to manage the business.

Our Work

Achieving Best Value

Spending on information systems is closely linked to profitability in low margin industries. The cost has to come within what makes financial sense for a particular application. Canonbury can spread the budget through incremental development prioritizing those areas that will produce the best value for money. Our systems are affordable because they are designed to justify themselves financially.

Realistic Timescales

Canonbury use standards based open source technology, readily available data management software and cloud based web resources to build systems that do the job immediately. Our systems are targeted at data integrity and separation from presentation to maximise flexibility and ease of integration.  Development periods from brief to ‘up-and-running’ are measured in weeks; not months or years.

Ongoing Commitment

Canonbury have an ongoing commitment to our clients.  Once the system is built our clients are often in a much better position to know exactly how they can use the information captured to inform the rest of their business processes.  New avenues for efficient data management are opened up and a flexible approach with advice at the end of a phone and remote system maintenance play an important part in ensuring that the system keeps developing along sound value maximizing pathways.


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